Stacker / LevelStep™ Doors

A Stacker Door has two or more panels that slide the same way behind a fixed panel. Choose to have either fixed or opening windows incorporated into the non-sliding panel. Stacker Doors can also be configured to have panels meet at a corner without a pillar or slide into a cavity or over an exterior wall. The optional LevelStep™ Sill allows a flush level entry removing all potential trip hazards.


  • Openness
  • Optional LevelStep™ Sill*

*This is dependent on building construction as a flat finish is not always achievable. 

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Triple Stacker

The triple stacker is an affordable way to achieve expansive openings in your home. In fact, the ability to have a bi-parting configuration means you could have eight panels with six of them moving, to create an opening of over eight metres!

Another advantage is that the inside sliding panels allow for opening awning windows in the non-moving door panel.

Stacker Doors

The inside sliding stacker is one of our most popular sliding door options. And it’s not hard to see why. It allows generous openings, good natural light and ventilation, plus fits comfortably within most people’s budgets. You also have the ability to customise your doors and can choose between fixed glass and opening windows for the non-sliding panel, plus you have the option of traditional sloped faces or modernised square face detailing.

Bi-passing Stacker

The Bi-passing Stacker allows you to control the exact position of each panel, from all left, to all right and anything in between. 

Special consideration should be given when looking to use them in high windzone area, as there are no interlockers for added weather management.